Excellent Jaggery Tea

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Our core industry is to establish and set up Food Processing Plant. While doing this we got an idea that we can build a tea brand. We decided to make jaggery tea with the focus on people’s health. While starting this brand, we gave the priority to how to build a system, so we took the mission of spreading the business franchise concept around the world.

The journey of jaggery tea started on 2021 from Chinchwad and pimpri outlet in pune. In addition to it and based on the responses of the customers more 21+ outlets were set up during the financial year. At present, the branches are located in Pimpri, Chinchwad, Pune, Thane, Nanded, Hingoli, Solapur, Mumbai, New Mumbai, Karnataka ( Vijayapur, Sindhagi, Bagalakote, Hospet, Dharwad, Jewargi, Ghanagapur,
Gulbarga, Almel, Afzalpur, Jeratagi) ETC.

Excellent Jaggery Tea

We Mainly Focus On The Smile Of Our Customers

Our Vision

To Serve Healthy Chai To CUstomer And Bring a Biggest Changes In The Market In Chai Industry. The Vision Is To Spread Our Web All Over India Soon. Families Are Bound By Emotions, And Tea Lovers Are Bound By Their Love For Tea. All These Tea Lovers Across India Have Created a Chai Network That Takes Pride In Bing Associated With Excellent Jaggery Tea. This Ever-expanding Network Is Always Open To Including Newer Entrepreneurs Passionate About Growing Together.

Our Mission

We Mainly Focus On The Smile Of Our Customers, And We Never Fail To Bring Smile On the Face Of Our Customers. To Provide The Taste With healthy Content To Our Customer Is Priority.

Benefits Of Our Tea :

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